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“We don’t need IT support for our small business. We’re too small!” Yep, we’ve heard it before.

No, this is not another sales-y blog post trying to convince you to buy something you don’t need. This is a sales-y blog post trying to convince you to buy something you DO need.  Kidding! But we will go through the benefits of using a managed IT service for your small business IT support, so that you can make your own mind up. Without being biased. We pinky-promise.

What’s the difference if you’re big or small?

Well, we’re living in a digital age. And IT is something that you simply can’t get away from if you’re running a business, big or small.

It seems obvious that large firms would need IT. But that’s not always the case for small businesses. Often, in order to save money, small businesses rely on their internal IT skills. Either the company owner takes the responsibility, or there is an employee dubbed as ‘IT expert’ (c’mon, every company has one).

Small businesses, ourselves included, run a really tight ship. Every purchase matters. Every person’s role matters. And every one of the things you do that make your business run, matters. It’s a delicate balance with little ‘filler’.

So when one of those ‘things’ goes wrong or breaks down, it can have a detrimental effect on business operations. And lots of those things will relate to IT. Let us put it like this: if a big business’ server decides it’s having a little holiday, they’ve definitely got data backups, possibly a spare server, and their in-house or outsourced support team are ready to deal with it. But how would your small business fare?

Without specialist knowledge and expertise, your IT infrastructure might be a little fragile. And your business likely relies on IT. Unless you’re running a lemonade stand in an eco-commune.

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Reducing stress and maximising output

All those company owners out there, running your own business’ IT. We see you! And we salute you.

But we really, really think that you should be focusing on strategic business development and growth. Not whether your business emails are going into recipients’ junk folder (which we can help with, by the way). And we can also help with improving operations, systems and workflows so that you can maximise not only your time, but your staff’s time too.

Investing in small business IT support can take daily painpoints away. We can free up valuable staff time that can be spent on other areas. And when things go wrong – well, it’s on us to fix it! And we will. We always do. In fact, we often spot and fix issues before they turn into problems.

It’s all in one place

A managed IT service means that your IT infrastructure is all managed in one place. So, we have a very intimate understanding of how everything works and fits together.

Your web and email hosting, cloud servers, security, back-ups, IT support for staff, and your hardware. You name it. We directly enable business continuity, removing headaches and stress when things do, and will, inevitably, go wrong from time to time.

Above all, there’s one number to call. And everyone in your business knows what it is.

It’s safe

We are the experts. No, really. IT companies have to be industry leaders so that we are trusted with business operations, sensitive data and above all, people’s livelihoods. We know what we’re doing and you’re in good hands.

A big part of that is making sure your IT infrastructure is safe through regular data back-ups and you have the appropriate cyber security in place.

Do you know when you last backed up all your company data?

What’s the cost of small business IT support?

Let’s get down to brass tacks! It’s well known within the industry that outsourced small business IT support is more cost effective than an in-house IT support team.

That’s because in-house IT support relies on tying someone into an employment contract with a monthly salary and staff benefits.

Whereas outsourced IT support can be flexible. You can pay for what you need, ensuring that small changes make a big difference. You can pay for us to fix stuff when it breaks. You can have control over what you’re spending. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive retainer you’re tied into, either.

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