Computer Tips & Tricks to boost productivity at work


10 computer tips and tricks to boost productivity at work

We’ve created a list of all our favourite computer tips and tricks that help to increase productivity at work! From keyboard shortcuts to pieces of software on your PC that you didn’t even know existed. Here are 10 ways you can boost productivity at work through handy computer tips for Windows.  Bring back that tab...

Dual monitor set up


How to set up dual monitors for laptops and desktops easily

You’ve got yourself a second monitor and you’re ready to start feeling like you’re in the mission control room at NASA. Let’s do it… It’s simple (when you know how)! Let’s find out how to set up dual monitors using your desktop computer, laptop or docking station in this step-by-step guide. Why have dual monitors?...

Two people sit together with a coffee after buying their new computers


When to upgrade to a new computer: 5 signs to look for

Computer running slower than you’d like? Noisy fan? Can’t run a Zoom call at work whilst playing solitaire in the background? It might be time to treat yourself to a new computer! There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to be productive at work whilst your computer or laptop is slowing you down. But with the...

IT Consultancy for small to mid sized businesses can help with your data backups


What to do if your data backup fails: 5 step guide for small business

You’ve taken the time to be proactive, protect your business and get your data backed up. But what happens when the backup goes wrong? It’s likely that you need that crucial backup you made because something else has gone wrong and you need to restore your business data. But unfortunately, server data backup failure is...